Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition and London Print Studio

I have two very different works on show this summer; one a drawing/collage in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition and a print in the London Print Studio Members Summer Show from 14th July. The work in the RA is a very personal piece titled 'Mother' (below). It was a lovely surprise to find out it had sold before the RA exhibition opened to the public. On the RA website they have a page on artist studios which has a photo of my messy desk at the top of the page with a quote from me further down the page! Link to RA studio page

Updated 15th July: Good to see my print is being used on the posters for London Print Studio's Summer Show. I've asked if I can have one when the show is over! There is a huge one in their window and this smaller one on the sandwich board.


Photoshop digital collage

First time in a while that I've made some collage pieces using only digital files and Photoshop. Usually I begin with some hand-made elements but this is all digital. The images of the woman and text I scanned and digitally cut are from the pages of a woman's magazine from the late 1940s. Textures and colour shapes created in Photoshop.



Packing tape image transfer

Using clear packing tape to transfer images, I layered them onto other papers in my sketchbook. It's a very simple technique using wide clear packing tape to stick on images and text found in old magazines, laser prints and photocopies.

  1. Firmly press the tape onto the image.
  2. Place the taped paper in some warm water
  3. After a few minutes gently rub the back of the paper until all the paper has been removed and only the ink of the image remains.
  4. The tape will regain it's tackiness when it dries.

Tip: Taped images can be stored on greaseproof paper sticky side down until needed.